Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Percent

A few months ago a friend of mine threw this at me "art is 10 % inspiration and 90% persperation". Id heard it before but, he was a reliable source. So I milled on that for a while before i came up with my solution. I am going to live life 10 %. That way my inspiration is 100% of me and I cut out 90% of the work.

I know i am perfect

I know I am perfect
because I can see everyone of my friends flaws.

Cosmic Coincidence?

After months of early morning trips to the local convenience store to replace one or the other, it finally happened. I ran out of cereal and milk at the exact same time.

A New Word for Internet Racists

A new word for internet racists (of which there are a super abundance), "bligget"

The Difference Between Atheists and Religious people...

The Difference Between Atheists and Religious people...

The atheist:

Why are we here...

The religious:

Why are we here... Jesus

The Last Words of Man

Mankinds last words will be that of a scientist...

"I wonder what happens if I put this here..."

the end.

Dear Mr. President and Congress

Hi guys,

It's Jascha. You might remember my name as I've been getting lots of letters from you guys regarding a couple of dollars I forgot to send to you over the last few years. Haha, oops! Well anyway, I noticed you guys were giving out 700 billion tax dollars to some pretty big companies on Wall Street and as a troubled business owner myself I was wondering if, maybe, you could send a billion this way. I only owe about $24k, but I feel with a billion I could really get my business back on track (not to mention finally take that vacation I promised my self 2 years ago!). You can make the check out to Jascha L. Rynek or if you want we can set up a direct deposit or cash or something like that.

So let me know when to expect it, I've got a few things I'd like to get settled right away. Thanks!




Livin' is hard on your liver but your liver helps you live.


act 1) Recently my gas was shut off because of non payment. Things have been tough financially lately, largely on account of paying $1,050.00 a month to live in a small studio deep in Korea Town. Forutnately, that is my only utility as the building I live in covers my electricity.

fact 2) Up untill a week ago, the management company I rent from decided it was perfectly acceptable to subject me to remodeling and reconstruction noises in the apartment adjacent to me. I did not find these noises pleasing. I asked if they would move me and my dog into a different unit while the remodeling took place or knock down my rent as compinsation for putting up with such a distraction and they declined.

bringing the two together) Having my gas turned off meant I could no longer cook at home. I would have to pay $70 for the bill and reconnection fee. An electric grill from Target costs $50 and since it runs on electricity would be used at the expense of my landlord.

the result) Revenge is a dish best served grilled on both sides.

Fox News

Fox News reports as shifty as a nascar clutch.



I'm surprised women don't like fishing in lakes because they love to do it in conversations