Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jascha's Law

There's always more room than you think unless you think there's more room.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Percent

A few months ago a friend of mine threw this at me "art is 10 % inspiration and 90% persperation". Id heard it before but, he was a reliable source. So I milled on that for a while before i came up with my solution. I am going to live life 10 %. That way my inspiration is 100% of me and I cut out 90% of the work.

I know i am perfect

I know I am perfect
because I can see everyone of my friends flaws.

Cosmic Coincidence?

After months of early morning trips to the local convenience store to replace one or the other, it finally happened. I ran out of cereal and milk at the exact same time.

A New Word for Internet Racists

A new word for internet racists (of which there are a super abundance), "bligget"

The Difference Between Atheists and Religious people...

The Difference Between Atheists and Religious people...

The atheist:

Why are we here...

The religious:

Why are we here... Jesus

The Last Words of Man

Mankinds last words will be that of a scientist...

"I wonder what happens if I put this here..."

the end.